From a Child, From a Father

by Achord

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George Wonderfully idiosyncratic, and delightfully different than what other artists are producing. I like how this release features the father nature of God -- something we seem to forget all too easily. Favorite track: Come Close.
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released November 2, 2015



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Achord Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Where Were You
Where were you when my house burnt down
Where were you when all the ashes of a shattered life hit the ground
In the midst of all these words you were never around
Everything I tried after all of this wouldn't last
and everything inside said give it up, the moments past
I don't want to die to you but I don't want to die living this lie
I don't want to tell my self everything is always going to be alright
I don't want to lie and say tomorrow when I die that
"The world will still be a better place and I will be with a familiar face"
When everything I've seen so far has only taught me you're not here
Track Name: Hiden
Like any child I run
like we're playing hide and seek except you can't find me.
I'm in the forest, deep
I hide behind every tree to ensure my safety
It seems you can't find me
I'm too far gone and the moon has come out to blind you
I won't make a sound
to make sure that I am never found
Like any father You search
You sail every sea to ensure my safety
Blind and deaf I run
trying to go nowhere and find no one
Till I run back into You
You boast in your finding
you're my Dad anyway so what did I expect you to do
You laugh at my hiding
what did I expect you not to move
Would it help to say I'm sorry
for all the times I left and said please don't find me
Track Name: Patience
I'm moving in the spaces in between what you can't hear, might never see
So just know all of this is for our greatness and my glory
I'm doing what I have to do to move the world, the way it should move
I'm going to change your whole life for the good

So just wait one more day and see what I've made
Oh son, you'll grow old trying to move on your own
Track Name: Come Close
Child, I've been waiting for the longest time for you to swallow your pride
We both know you wrong even when all the odds said you might of been right
But I welcome you with open arms, you still have a home and it's not that far
It might take 100 years but I'll still be here
So come close
Why are you running from the only home you ever had
What will you do when you realize this world is every last thing you end up hating in the end
It's every man's dream for their family to be made whole
So stop running from the only home you've ever had and come close

Child you still have a home
You still have a room, it belongs to my son
This house is not the same with one less child
You are not sane without a man to call your Father

One misinterpretation has brought this separation
You're forgetting that I'm the father and my will is sovereign